Goat Removed From Ohio Home After Running Through Glass Door

Jenn Keathley via Ashland County Pictures / Facebook

When Jenn Keathley’s son came home from school and saw part of the sliding door was shattered into a million pieces, he knew there was an intruder in the house.

But the intruder he discovered was not a thief in search of cash or valuables. It was a goat.

He said ‘It smells funky in here,‘” Jenn Keathley told The Dodo. Shortly after that, Jenn says her son found the goat taking a nap on the bathroom floor.

Officers from Ohio’s Ashland County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. They too, wanted to see the goat intruder, and found him still snoozing away in the bathroom.

The goat was not harmed in his window-smashing incident, and appeared unfazed by the ordeal. Though he was a bit startled when the officers came into the bathroom and woke him up from his nap.

Apparently the goat liked his new sleeping spot, because it took some time for the officers to coax him out of the house.It took them a few hours to get him out,” Jenn said. “Tried luring him out and talking nicely for a long time. They were very gentle with him.”

Jenn Keathley via Ashland County Pictures / Facebook

Finally, the officers got the goat out of the house and secured him in a crate. He is now back at his own home where he belongs.

While the goat caused some serious damage to the Keathley family’s home, Jenn is actually more concerned about something else he left behind. “The residual stink is the biggest problem,” she said.

You can watch the security camera footage of the goat making himself at home in the Keathley family’s house by tuning in to the clip below (the goat shows up around 4:15). How would you react if you came home and found a random goat in your bathroom?