Man Finds Wild Gator Missing Entire Top Jaw

Chris Gillette / Facebook

Chris Gillette, is a wildlife biologist, photographer, and videographer who specializes in underwater shooting and getting up close with predators such as sharks, crocodiles, alligators, and snakes.

While out in the southern Florida Everglades looking for invasive Burmese pythons, Gillette stumbled across a once-in-a-lifetime find and it wasn’t a snake.

What Gillette happened to find was a rather large alligator basking in the sun but something was extremely unique about this particular gator – it was missing the entire top part of its jaws!

As a wildlife biologist, Gillette suspects that this particular gator got into a fight with another gator and got its top jaw bit off just below the eyes. In addition to missing the jaw, the animal was also blind in one eye. Despite these horrific injuries, the gator otherwise appeared to have overcome its handicap and is perfectly healthy.

According to Gillette, the injuries must have happened a while ago since the gator’s jaw is scarred and healed over. It is likely that this alligator survives off of apple snails (which are rather large), as well as fish.

Due to regulations, he was prohibited by law from capturing the gator and bringing it to an animal sanctuary but fortunately, it appears to be doing just fine.

In addition to the photos, Gillette was also able to capture a video of this rare find. Check it out below!