Man Holding 2 Beers Gets Hit By Baseball, Bud Light Wants To Reward Him

photo credit: Bud Light / YouTube

Washington Nationals Fan Becomes A Hero

A man attending Game 5 of the World Series baseball game on Sunday (Oct. 27) was caught on camera double-fisting two Bud Light beers while taking a home-run hit to his chest.

Bud Light Wants To Reward Him

Bud Light shared the video on Twitter requesting help finding the man because they wanted to reward him. Reward him for what, you might ask?

They’d like to reward him because they were so impressed that he wasn’t willing to put his Bud Light beers down when he saw that high-speed, home-run, World Series baseball flying straight towards him. Instead, he moved his beers out of harm’s way and took the ball directly to the chest.

“It hit me in the chest but you know what, it was from the other team so I didn’t feel anything,” Jeff Adams said while being interviewed by Ike Ejiochi.

Jeff credits his 15-year-old lucky hat for the reason why he was able to take the hit and not spill a drop of beer. The ball was hit by Houston Astros player, Yordan Alverez, whose team ended up winning the game 7-1 against the Washington Nationals.

Bud Light was so in love with Jeff’s dedication to save his beers that they took it a step further and released a commercial-like video of the moment on YouTube saying, “Not all heroes wear capes or gloves.” 

Watch The YouTube Video Bud Light Released Below