Man “In Love” With Miranda Lambert Faked Suicide When She Got Married

YouTube / Dr. Phil

A middle-aged man sat down for some help with Dr. Phil earlier this month and revealed the darker sides to his obsession with Miranda Lambert. And his wife was there, too.

“I didn’t ever realize I would fall in love with Miranda Lambert,” Dean, who has been married for decades, told the show.

While Dean’s love is odd enough, this story just keeps getting weirder.

He began interacting with profiles pretending to be Miranda on social media, most of which “needed help” from him. The “help” was money for some emergency, excuse, predicament – or even $200 so she “could put out her new record.”

It’s all a complete scam. But even though Dean has flushed more than $16,000 down the drain – he keeps interacting with new non-verified “Miranda Lambert” accounts…because “he knows” that he’s now talking to the real Miranda.

“I guess you could say I was kind of dating her,” Dean told the cameras.

Well – this all was a bit too much for Dean’s wife, Shirley. So she picked up the phone and called up Dr. Phil begging him to help fix her husband.

Apparently, Shirley’s been putting up with this obsession for quite some time. There was one evening in which Dean even invited one of the profiles he believed was the “real” Miranda over for dinner!

“What am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch you two have dinner,” Shirley said with a chuckle to Dr. Phil. “But it’s not gonna happen – ’cause she’s not real! So, I wasn’t really worried about it. But, I did get my house cleaned because he cleaned it up [for Miranda].”

Dean’s next video from his time on the Dr. Phil show reveals the most shocking part of this whole story – he made a fake suicide video with a real, loaded gun.

After being scammed by fake Miranda Lambert profiles and then learning of her new marriage to NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin – Dean says he was absolutely “crushed.”

So he decided to make a suicide video in a desperate plea to get her attention. He explains that he used the garage because he “didn’t want to make a mess in the house” and used his real .38 revolver and a cap gun.

“In the video, I basically said ‘Sorry for the mess that I love my kids’ and ‘Miranda, I’m sorry but you really hurt me and I have to do this’,” Dean says after explaining how he set up the fake suicide video.

Dean says that he wanted to get her attention because there “may be people out there that are doing stuff like this and who fall in love with a celebrity and can’t be with them.”

After the clip, Dean’s wife and daughter both speak about how “crazy” this is – with his daughter in tears over his actions.

Watch Dean’s clip from his Dr. Phil episode below.