4 Friends Catch 12ft, 726lb Alligator

George Mourounas / Facebook

Lee Daugherty, David Lowe, Ryan Pitts, and George Mourounas were hunting on September 15, 2019 on the Santee River in South Carolina.

They were hoping they would catch an alligator, but when they did, they probably weren’t expecting it to be so huge. In a Facebook post from Mourounas, he revealed the four friends hunted a gator and after taking it to 301 Processing & Taxidermy, they realized just how big it was.


The American alligator clocked in at a whopping 726 pounds, measuring 12 feet, 6 inches long.


The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says that this type of gator can get up to 13 feet. While they were once listed as federally endangered, the population of alligators in South Carolina is so high that they passed a hunting law in 2008, allowing people to hunt the gators during certain months. They estimate there are over 100,000 gators in the state.

The Facebook post has been shared over 9,000 times. See it below.