Drone Flies A 360 Around Tornado In Highlands, Texas

YouTube / Live Storms Media

When a lot of us see a tornado, we get as far away from it as possible…but we all know that there is a special group of people who actively chase them down – and they’re called storm chasers.

With the advent of technology, we have almost mastered the ability to measure and collect data on storms – not to mention that our phones can take some crazy-good video of them! It’s almost as if you were standing right there, too!

But one thing we haven’t seen a lot of is actual footage of what a tornado looks like up-close and personal…until now.

A big, swirling white puff came down from the clouds around Highland, Texas and the tornado began to enter various stages of the storm’s lifecycle including stovepipe, multivortex, and the rope stage.

This was one storm that Live Storms Media did something many folks haven’t seen before – flying a drone and camera right into the storm and circling around it!

The drone gets far closer than any person would ever want to be and does a complete 360-degree circle around the tornado as it bounces off the field – dangerously close to some cattle.

Check out this wild video below.