Man Knocks Out 2 Front Teeth While Reeling In Fish

adamriserfishing / Instagram


Adam Riser from Nashville, Tennessee is a seasoned tournament fisherman who ended up biting off a little more than he could chew last week when he was reeling in a fish.

How He Knocked His Teeth Out

It happened when he was out fishing with his friends around some laydowns. Laydowns for those who don’t know, are old logs that have been sitting in the water for long periods of time and usually have one or two branches still poking out of the water.

He cast his line into the water and a few moments later gets a bite. When he went to pull the line and reel in the fish all of a sudden it broke loose and his tungsten weight at the end of his line “sling-shotted” back at him and hit him right in the mouth knocking out both his front teeth.

“I’ve dodged dozens of lures coming back at me, but I never even saw this one,” Adam told Wired2Fish. “My buddies’ faces had horrified looks when I looked up at them with chunks of teeth and blood falling out of my mouth. Still had an hour of the float left. Since it wasn’t really hurting me, we stopped and fished a few holes before loading up.”

Ryan, being a true fisherman wasn’t going to let his teeth getting knocked out stop him from having a good day of fishing. He says that he’s just glad it didn’t hit him in the eye or the temple. Ryan plans to keep the look for the holidays but after the New Year, he says he’ll work on getting some new teeth.