Man Lost His Dog, So He Goes To Shelter And Adopts All The “Least Adoptable” Dogs

photo credit: wolfgang2242 / Instagram

Steven Grieg, an animal lover who lives in Colorado, had a dog who passed away and he took it so hard that he went to the animal shelter and adopted every overlooked animal available.

Adopting The “Least Adoptable” Dog

The story goes that he walked into his local shelter and asked them what their “least adoptable” dog was. He wanted to find a dog that nobody wanted so he could give it a second chance.

“So [I adopted] a 12-year-old Chihuahua [named Eeyore] with a heart murmur and four bad knees and I brought him home and that was just the beginning of all the animals,” Steve said.

Steven began going back to the shelter and taking in more dogs in need of a loving home. He even started taking in other animals from friends who were unable to keep them. Like two ducks, two pigeons, a rabbit, and even a pig named Bikini. Adopting senior dogs is what Steven prefers because they are very low-energy animals who are well-behaved.

“They’re just wiser animals. You kind of know what you want out of life once you become a certain age. These dogs know who they are and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a person or pet who knows who they are,” Steve said.

His Instagram Page Shows Off His Animals

Steven started an Instagram page to show off all his new friends and his page has quickly grown to 800,000 followers. He says his reason for starting the page is to show people how amazing it is to adopt senior animals.

It’s an incredible story of unconditional love and care for the elderly animals of the world. Below we have a YouTube video showing another man who adopted over 300 dogs he found at a dump yard that the officials were about to kill.