Man Plays Basketball With Bull On His Farm

mitchell_royce / Instagram

On Friday, June 26th, 2020, KATV Channel 7 posted an amusing video on Facebook showing a guy playing basketball with a young bull.

Mitchell Royce, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, was in the backyard with a very fun and playful young bull who seemed to be interested in him playing with the basketball. That’s when someone who was with the two decided to whip out their camera and film what appeared to be the start of a match off.

The bull was about three and a half feet tall, with a reddish coat, and seemed like he was fully prepared to square up and go one-on-one with the man. Mitchell said Coco, the bull, was about to get castrated the next day so Coco wagered a bet with him that if he won a game of basketball against him he would get to keep his you know what. 

Mitchell wrote in Instagram, “Balls on the line. Coco, hearing that he is set to be castrated- ‘Nah fam, I’ll play you for it’ Me, having dominated Howatharra home court for years and seeking a new challenger- ‘Aight, bet.’ Game breakdown coming soon”

It’s completely adorable watching the bull jump around in delight as Mitchell ran around him doing circles, fancy passes to himself, and bouncing the ball off of Coco’s head. The bull even passed the ball back to him one time. Check this out for yourself in the int he video below!

Man VS Cow Basketball Game Video Below