Man Robbed At Gunpoint Refuses To Stop Eating His Chicken Wings

Real Violence For Knowledge 2 / YouTube

A shocking video shows a man refusing to stop eating his chicken at a restaurant while he and the establishment were being robbed at gunpoint.

Security footage showed people sitting at a restaurant’s tables as they enjoyed their chicken. Others stood around and waited for their order and you can see in the distance a man walking on the street with a motorcycle helmet heading for the restaurant.

He walks straight into the place and proceeds to rob people sitting at a table. One man sitting at the table looks at the robber unphased and continues to eat his chicken. Even when the robber pointed the gun directly at him and snatched his necklace off his neck, he continued to eat his chicken.

“You know the chicken wings are good when a guy refuses to stop eating them as he is being robbed at gunpoint,” Barstool Sports wrote on Twitter.

Experts do say that the best thing to do in situations like this is to stay calm and this guy is surely an example of staying calm. He even held his cell phone up behind his head to give to the robber as he munched away.

Some people witnessing the crime fled the scene while others stood still in shock. Fortunately, no shots were fired and no one was injured during the robbery. The thief eventually walked out of the restaurant and everyone else finally loosened up knowing he was gone.

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below