Homeowner Films Kingsnake Swallowing Copperhead Whole, “We Were Shocked”

Karen V. Scarbrough/Facebook

Not all snakes are bad snakes. Just ask Karen Vick Scarbrough from Alabama who captured the moment on her phone camera when one snake destroyed another.

Scarbrough went to her backyard after hearing her dog’s non-stop barking.  What she found was unlike anything she had ever seen before…a fight between a non-venomous kingsnake and a venomous copperhead.

“We went to investigate, as (the dog) had been bitten by a copperhead about a month before,” Scarbrough said. “We were shocked when we realized it was two snakes. Growing up in the South, we had always heard this happens but had never witnessed it in person.”

Scarbrough began to film the encounter that showed the copperhead biting the kingsnake numerous times before the kingsnake wrap itself around the copperhead and squeeze it to death. Another video shows the kingsnake swallowing the lifeless copperhead whole.

Kingsnakes are constrictors and can grow to over 5 feet long. Other snakes are a vital part of their diet, as are lizards, rodents, birds and eggs. Kingsnakes are known to be immune to the venom of other snakes.

Watch the drama between the kingsnake and copperhead unfold in the video clips below. Look in the comments of the Facebook posts for footage of the kingsnake swallowing the copperhead whole.

Watch footage of a kingsnake swallowing a rattlesnake in the video below.