Man Uses Axe To Save Dog Trapped In Hot Car

Samantha Heaver / Facebook

European countries have experienced a sweltering heatwave that was the longest ever to consistently exceed over 93 degrees Fahrenheit since 1961. Staying hydrated, checking on relatives, and taking care of pets there has been an important thing to do. Unfortunately, a tiny Yorkshire terrier suffered in the heat when an irresponsible owner left him in the car for about 45 minutes while he went inside the grocery store.

Samantha Heaver / Facebook

This dramatic event happened in the UK on August 10th, 2020. The little dog was actually lucky a stranger was walking by the car and spotted the dog struggling to breathe. He decided to save its life and smashed the car window to get it out. A video was taken of the incident and shared on Facebook by Samantha Heaver who was angry at the dog owner.

In the video, you see a man breaking the front passenger window. He smashes the glass several times with the back of an axe. On the eighth attempt, he’s finally able to break through the window and release the poor pup. Cops buying lunch at a nearby Mark&Spenser’s were called over to make a report on the situation and a veterinarian was even called to come out and check on the dog’s health.

Samantha Heaver / Facebook

People commenting on the post named the man a “legend” for doing what he did. The pictures and videos posted by Samantha got a lot of comments and within three days, the post had been viewed more than 33k times. Here are a couple of comments from the post:

“‘I so want to buy the bloke that smashed the window a pint!! What a legend! Thank god theres still sensible people around,” Jaymi Dooley wrote.

“Huge well done for rescuing that poor little dog poor pooch looks so sad. I really hope the owner sees all these comments and I hope he/she will be haunted by this for rest of there lives. Better be prosecuted too!” Carly Lynn passionately said.

Watch The Rescue Video Below