Man Who Used To Open up for Blake Shelton Auditions On The Voice


Historically, contestants on The Voice who sing with a certain southern twang show up one goal, getting the chair of Blake Shelton to turn before the end of their performance. For most unknown artists competing on the show, the opportunity to win the approval of the country king is a once in a lifetime opportunity, except for one certain contestant that is.

Eleven years ago Voice contestant Austin Allsup opened up for Shelton on his 2005 tour. The country singer won over Shelton once again with his rousing performance of the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” in a coach-ship that is clearly eleven years in the making. Upon turning around the country star immediately recognizes his former opener and Allsup excitedly points towards his coach of choice in an endearing reunion between the two old friends.

The contestant later posted a throwback photo with Shelton on his Instagram to express his joy to be reunited with his “old friend Blake Shelton.” 

Only two weeks into Season Eleven of The Voice and it’s already shaping up to be one exciting game-changer of a season. You can watch Austin’s riveting performance of “Wild Horses” in the video below!