Fans Freak Out When Garth Brooks Pulls Jaw-Dropping Stunt At Concert

maryrosediaz Youtube Channel

Anyone who has seen Garth Brooks perform live knows that his concerts are anything but boring. He constantly moves across the stage and delivers one high-energy vocal performance after another.

Fans are always thrilled by Brooks’ energetic performances, but an audience at one of his recent shows in Fresno was in for a huge thrill.

If you’ve been to one of his shows or have seen footage from Brooks’ record-breaking World Tour, you’ve likely noticed the giant, globe-like thing in the middle of the stage. All throughout Brooks’ tour this globe has been the centerpiece of his shows, but he did something at Fresno that drew even more attention to it.

Right in the middle of singing his 1993 hit “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up),” Brooks took off for the globe, and what happened next likely made many fans’ jaws drop.

Leaping on to the platform next to the globe, Brooks climbed his way up it until he was almost near the top. With the globe rocking back and forth, Brooks waved his hand out at the crowd and kept on singing. The whole time he was on the globe the fans were going wild, and they were so loud you could hardly hear Brooks singing.

After hanging out on the globe for a little while, Brooks jumped off, stuck the landing, and proceeded back to the front of the stage to continue giving his fans the show of a lifetime.

We bet the people who were at Brooks’ Fresno concert won’t be forgetting his show any time soon! Check out the video of his crazy stunt below!