Man With Arm Covered In Bees Seen Walking Down Sidewalk

daniirodman / Instagram

Dani Rodman was riding through the Dominican Republic one day when he noticed a young man casually walking down the street with, literally, an arm full of bees.

“Of course, I was surprised to see that,” Rodman told The Dodo.

Rodman pulled out his phone to record the guy walking in sandals, a tank top, and an entire left arm fully covered with bees with a few flying around him. Curious to know what was going on, Rodman asked the guy why he was not being stung by the bees.

The guy told Rodman it was because he owned the bees and was holding the queen bee in his left hand making her feel safe. Since she felt safe, she was releasing pheromones that had the other bees following her in a peaceful mode as they were all being transported to their new home.

“He was acting totally normal about it,” Rodman said about the bee keeper who was rocking designer glasses with a smile. “It seems that he had done that before through the town. Other people around didn’t seem surprised by it at all.” 

daniirodman / Instagram

Rodman didn’t say where the bees were being relocated to or why they were being moved but it was clear that this was not the gentleman’s first time relocating bees.

Bees pollinate plants and are incredible for the environment, however, sometimes they can build their hives in undesirable places, like people’s homes, and have to be removed and relocated. Usually, wildlife experts remove them with hive boxes and a truck, but this young man was taking more of a hands-on approach.

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