Man With Metal Detector Finds WWII Bomb In Old Tennessee Training Ground

Lebanon Police Department / Facebook

A treasure hunter dug into a scary situation when he unearthed a WWII bomb on Monday in one of the most unlikely places you’d think a bomb would be, Lebanon Tennessee.

Apparently the guy was looking for treasure with a metal detector when he stumbled upon the bomb buried and hidden in the mud. Miami Herald covered the story and reported that the bomb was live and unstable.

The guy was very lucky to not have died. The Tennessee Highway Patrol called a bomb tech liaison specialist to handle the situation who confirmed it was too unsafe to transport to another location.

Lebanon, Tennessee is about 40 miles northeast of Nashville and when officials detonated it, the blast could be heard from over 13 miles away from the location that was chosen to be a safe place to dispose of it. The Lebanon Police Department shared a picture of the bomb on their Facebook page saying a few things about it.

“The mortar was too unstable to move a long distance, so it was moved to a safe area and detonated,” the department wrote. “The blast was heard from a distance, which caused alarm for many residents.”

According to the officials, the bomb was there because the property used to be a training ground in WWII. After finding the bomb, they scanned the location to see if there were any more, but nothing else was found.