Massive ladybug “super bloom” visible on weather radar

@NWSSanDiego Twitter | Steven Damron Flickr

Should We Be Concerned?

An absolutely massive swarm of ladybugs has taken flight in Southern California and is heading Northwest. But do not worry, ladybugs are harmless.

Ladybugs, that are also known as “lady beetles” or “ladybird beetles” are very beneficial to the environment. They consume pests such as aphids and help protect vegetation.


A Swarm 80 Miles Wide

You read that correctly, the National Weather Service in San Diego recorded the swarm to be nearly 80 miles wide. This phenomena happens seasonally as temperatures rise and the ladybugs begin migration looking for additional food sources, soaring through the sky at anywhere between 5,000-9,000 feet!

For more information on ladybugs and their eating habits, check out the video below: