Meet The “Yellowstone” Characters

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Yellowstone is one of the hottest shows on television right now, and for good reason. It’s downright incredible. The drama, the feuds, and the action all merge together in a complex storyline that’s bound to get the viewer hooked. Another part of what makes the show so good is the characters. Each one is meticulously woven into the story in a way that makes you want to watch one episode after another.

If you don’t know much about the characters, let us get you properly acquainted.

1. John Dutton

Probably the most well-known actor on the entire show, Kevin Costner was made to play this character. John Dutton is the patriarch of the Dutton family and runs his five-generation ranch right on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park. He means well but is constantly tested by his dysfunctional family, an Indian Reservation trying to claim his land, and developers trying to push him out in order to build hotels and casinos.

2. Rip Wheeler

Played by Cole Hauser, Rip is the definition of a “man’s man.” As a young boy, Rip’s father killed his mother and brother. In retaliation, Rip killed his father and was avoiding the law. John Dutton took him in as a ranch hand which inevitably lead to Rip being the right-hand man to John Dutton.

3. Beth Dutton

Played by actress Kelly Reilly, Beth Dutton is the fiercest, most intimidating character on the show. As a young girl, she was horseback riding with her mother and brother when her mother fell off her horse and died. This lead to Beth’s tenacious personality and landed her a job at Schwartz & Meyer running mergers and acquisitions for the company.

4. Kayce Dutton

Luke Grimes plays Kayce Dutton, the youngest of John Dutton’s children. Kayce served in the military for the United States Navy SEALs. On one of his missions, he was forced to make a decision that continues to haunt him. He is married to an Indian elder’s granddaughter, Monica Long and the two of them have a son, Tate.

5. Jamie Dutton

Lawyer and politician of the family, as well as John Dutton’s second oldest, Jamie is eager to please his father while at the same time always trying to figure out who he is. Played by actor Wes Bentley, Jamie’s main role is protecting the ranch from land grabbers who are trying to develop on it.

6. Jimmy Hurdstram

Jefferson White takes on the role of Jimmy. The product of a rough childhood, Jimmy’s criminal history forces him to work at the Dutton ranch even though he has no experience on a horse. As he struggles to leave his past behind him and adapts into his new role as a ranch hand, Jimmy becomes one of the more beloved characters of the show.

7. Monica Long/Dutton

Kelsey Asbille takes on the role of Kayce Dutton’s wife, Monica. She is the granddaughter of tribal elder Felix Long. While the two of them constantly deal with things that put strain on their marriage, their son Tate and their deep love for each another bring them back together every time.

8. Thomas Rainwater

Gil Birmingham masters the regal and stoic personality to play Chief Thomas Rainwater of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. Up until the age of 18, Rainwater was unaware that he was Native American and simply believed his whole life he was Mexican. Now as chief, he feels the need to make up for lost time and fight for his people. At the same time, there are many who judge the fact that he wasn’t born and raised on the reservation so he must convince them his fit for his position as chief.

With many other characters that come and go as the story develops, Yellowstone is sure to be a favorite show if you haven’t seen it already. Paramount Network has already announced that the hit cable show has been picked up for a fourth season and is expected to debut in summer 2021.

To hear Kevin Costner talk about the making of Yellowstone, watch the video below.