Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan Tease Each Other Through Jokes On Twitter

The Voice / YouTube

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan love to tease each other. That’s why they excelled in their roles as the co-hosts of the ACM Awards for multiple years…because they naturally say some pretty hysterical things whenever they’re together.

They kept the comedy coming during Season 12 of The Voice, which is when Bryan served as the advisor for Shelton’s team.

But Shelton and Bryan don’t have to share a stage or a show in order to tease one another. The two singers recently took to Twitter to exchange jokes at each other’s expense, and it was hilarious to witness.

The joke spree started with Shelton, who tweeted an image showcasing a pretend news story about Bryan. The imaginary news headline read, “Study Finds Falling Asleep At The Wheel Linked To Luke Bryan M…” and it’s presumed the “M…” was meant to continue on to say “music.”

Wow! Just catching up on the news… Shocking! I have noticed some fatigue when @lukebryanonline comes on,” Shelton jokingly tweeted.

Bryan came back with a joke of his own. He poked fun at Shelton’s last two singles, “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody but You,” both of which feature his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

Your girlfriend is the only reason people are listening to your last two singles,” Bryan teased.

Fans were cracking up over Bryan’s joke!

Shelton knew he couldn’t let his buddy have the last word, so he chimed in with a response. “Hey don’t hate just cause I know how to work the system!!!” he teased.

We can never get enough of these two and their comedic shenanigans!

If you want to laugh even more at Shelton and Bryan, tune in to the video below. The clip shows Bryan interviewing Shelton for GMA in 2019. They talked about their favorite foods and also shared their least favorite things about each other. They had some downright hilarious things to say!

Keep the laughs coming fellas, they’re always appreciated!