Men Free Deer Found With Snow Encased Over Its Face

@PRESS TV / YouTube

While the winter blizzard is raging across America and Europe, many videos are surfacing of the harsh conditions people are going through, as well as, some old videos are resurfacing of hard snowy times.

One video that was taken in February 2021 shows the moment two Kazakhstan men were driving down the road and stopped when they spotted a deer acting weird.

After getting a little closer to see what was going on, they noticed the deer’s face was completely covered in snow to the point where it couldn’t even see anymore.

The deer’s head was weighted down, it was basically blinded by the snow and even had snow caked in its ears so it was probably having a hard time hearing too.

@PRESS TV / YouTube

The two men Abylaikhan Kuandyk and Nurzhan Makayev managed to get close enough to the deer to grab it and hold it down so they could do it a favor and start removing the snow from its face.

They peeled the snow off its muzzle to start with so that it could breathe properly and once they were finished with that, they started to remove the snow that was covering the animal’s eyes.

The deer was clearly stressed and you could see it breathing heavily and whimpering, however, we can imagine that it was ultimately grateful that the men removed the snow that was handicapping it.

After they got rid of the majority of snow on its mouth, eyes, ears, and top of its head, they allowed it to get back up to its feet and it went running across a field, free at last.

Watch The Footage Below Of The Men Removing Snow From Deer’s Face