Men Riding Horse & Cart Refused Food At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Dogtooth Media / YouTube

24-year-old Jake Sweet was in the McDonald’s drive-thru when he filmed a couple of men getting into an argument with the branch manager after she told them she would not serve them when the men pulled up to the window.

The stand-off between staff and the customers happened at the Western Links branch of the chain in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England.

The video filmed by Jake shows the horse, cart, and men waiting behind a car in the drive-thru line with Jake behind them filming.

He told Daily Mail, “It’s not something you see every day. The horse and cart pulled in and obviously we thought it was really interesting so started filming – it was impeccable timing.”

Dogtooth Media / YouTube

The men tried to order through the speaker and a member of McDonald’s staff came out and told them that they can’t order there and that their vehicle wasn’t a vehicle.

Jake said you could clearly tell the two guys were annoyed at being denied but they were being reasonable about it and trying to give a valid argument.

They were more trying to convince the McDonald’s staff that the horse and cart is the original vehicle, and Jake said he kind of sees where they’re coming from.

The McDonald’s manager ultimately told them the horse and chart were a health and safety hazard and they were not a proper vehicle. That’s the reason they were not allowed to order through the drive-thru.

Dogtooth Media / YouTube

“While the guys were trying to put up a decent argument I think they knew they were getting nowhere. First they were at the ordering window, who were having none of it and shut the window. Then they tried the collection window, asked for a complaint form and one of the managers came out. The management threatened to call the police. I don’t think they were worked up or anything, it was probably just a scare tactic to get them to move on as quickly as possible.”

The guys ended up leaving without a meal but Jake ended up buying him a cheeseburger and handed it to him as he was driving past them on the road.

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below