Mike Fisher Left Cracking Up Over Isaiah’s Note About Him

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s son Isaiah is quite the comedian!

Carrie has said in the past that her eldest son has been a “ham” from early on, and his antics prove it. Whenever he says something silly, the “Southbound” singer can’t help but share his hilarious comments with her followers.

Take for instance the time that he decided to skip her concert set so he could watch TV, or the time he said he hadn’t looked at her “in months.”

Any of y’all that have kids of your own know this is pretty typical behavior, and that kids say the darnedest things sometimes!

Isaiah doesn’t just reserve his comical comments for his mom. He’s also said some pretty funny things about his dad, and did so through a hilarious note Mike knew he had to share.

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday (June 16), Mike shared a note that Isaiah wrote about him in 2018. The note was a fill-in-the-blank type of thing, where Isaiah had to pick words that described Mike to complete the writing.

Every word that Isaiah chose was hysterical! He said Mike is three years old and that his eyes are black, for starters.

But the most hysterical parts were when Isaiah said that Mike’s job is “to clean kitchen” and that he does not like to watch TV shows made for kids.

Mike Fisher / Instagram

As you can see in the photo Mike shared of the note, Isaiah had even more hilarious things to say about him. It’s clear Mike got a good kick out of the whole thing, and the two laughing emojis show he was probably cracking up over it.

Isaiah got the chance to ham it up with his father earlier this year when the two appeared to drop the ceremonial first puck at a Nashville Predators match. As you would expect, Isaiah stole the show, and enjoyed cheesing for the cameras!

This little guy sure makes us laugh a lot, so we can imagine how much he makes Carrie and Mike laugh!