Does Sadie Robertson Already Have A Wedding Date Set?

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

Sadie Robertson and her beau Christian Huff are still soaking in all of the joy surrounding their recent engagement. But that doesn’t mean the young Duck Dynasty star plans on being engaged for long.

Following Christian’s magical proposal, Sadie spoke to People about all things wedding related. The couple had talked about marriage prior to their engagement, so they already have some wedding details in mind.

For starters, they already know their wedding venue…Sadie’s parents’ house in Louisiana.

We’re going to do it at my house in Louisiana and it’s just going to be very romantic and elegant, but also, like, the biggest party ever because, like I said, we both love a good celebration,” Sadie shared.

Another thing the couple knows is that their wedding will take place in the evening. Nighttime holds a special significance to to two of them, as Sadie explained:

Ever since we started talking about getting married one day, we both want a night wedding because we love going on walks at night, we love the stars, we love just what it looks like at night,” she said. “And we love lots of lights, so we want it to be all lit up at night.”

So since they already have all of these details in mind, do Sadie and Christian have a wedding date set? Well, not exactly.

Sadie said they don’t have an exact date in mind yet, but revealed that she and Christian will probably have a short engagement. We’re ready,” she said, going on to add their wedding will happen, “definitely sooner than later.

Since they have so many important details ironed out already, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sadie and Christian say “I do” before the end of the year!

You can listen to the happy couple talk more about their engagement and their future plans by tuning in to the video below.

Congratulations to Sadie and Christian on taking this exciting step in their relationship!