Mike Fisher Makes Son Jacob Giggle By Lifting Him In The Air

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s youngest son, Jacob, turned one in January. His mama celebrated the special day in a post on Instagram. The post contained several pictures of Jacob enjoying his “smash cake,” which was chocolate cake with green frosting.

How are you already 1 year old?” Carrie asked in the slideshow’s caption. “You are smiley, crazy, smart, soooo fast and into everything!


We’ve had the chance to see more of Jacob’s smiley side in the few photos and videos Carrie and Mike have shared of him since his birthday. Even though you can’t see his face in most of the things Carrie and Mike have posted, you can still tell that Jacob is one happy little guy!

He seems to share some of his most joyful moments with his big brother, Isaiah (age five). In July, Mike posted an adorable snapshot of the two brothers out in a boat together, saying that Isaiah was teaching Jacob how to fish.

Love watching these 2 grow up but sometimes you just want to press the pause button!” Mike captioned the picture. “All you can do is take it in and thank God for these little moments!


One video that Mike shared on his Instagram Story made it obvious that he truly treasures even the tiniest of moments spent with his sons.

On July 16, Mike shared a short clip that shows him lifting Jacob into the air. Jacob was having a grand time, and couldn’t stop giggling.

Mike loved hearing the sound of his son’s laughter. “Best sound in the world!!” he wrote on top of the video.

We also love seeing the huge smile on Mike’s face as he listened to Jacob laugh. What a sweet moment between father and son!

Since Mike posted the clip on his Instagram Story, it will only be available for you to watch from the morning of July 16 to the morning of July 17.

If you’re seeing this after July 17, look below to see a few screenshots from the clip. You can’t hear Jacob laughing, but the pictures still show how much fun he had!

Mike Fisher / Instagram
Mike Fisher / Instagram
Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie and Mike have such a beautiful family. 

After Isaiah was born, Carrie went on tour and made a video montage to accompany her song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.” The montage contained pictures from the first few months of Isaiah’s life.

Carrie later released the montage online, and you can watch it below.

Now Carrie has two boys, and they’ve grown up right in front of our eyes!