Mike Fisher Mourns Tragic Death Of Former Teammate


Just months after his final season with his longstanding and beloved Tennessee hockey team, Mike Fisher is mourning the tragic passing of a fellow hockey player and Canadian.

Fisher, who has been married to country music superstar, Carrie Underwood, since 2010, just recently retired from the NHL after coming out of his first retirement to take up a position as the Nashville Predators’ team captain.

Now, he is, unfortunately, mourning the tragic death of a fellow Canadian and NHL player after an evening outing went terribly awry…

According to various outlets, Hamilton, Ontario police found the body of former NHL goalie Ray “Rayzor” Emery in the city’s harbor. The local police department confirmed the reports on Twitter just hours after stating they were searching for a “missing male swimmer.”

After news of Emery’s passing broke, Fisher responded on social media and reflected on the many great times he had when playing alongside Emery. Both men played for the Ottawa Senators until Fisher left in 2011 after transferring to the Predators.

In his own words, Fisher acknowledged the tragedy of losing someone like Emery.

“So many great memories playing with Ray Emery! Can’t believe he’s gone so soon! #RIPRAZOR,” Fisher tweeted out.

Our hearts break for Emery’s friends, family, fans, and former teammates. All who clearly miss him terribly.

Watch the full report on his passing below.