Re-Live Old Hollywood Films With Dance Scenes Set To “Footloose”


Taking some of the most enchanting and dazzling dance scenes from famous old Hollywood movies and shows, one creative YouTuber overlaid them on top of the famous theme song to the 1984 hit movie-musical Footloose.

First uploaded in early 2012,  this seemingly-endless string of stunning dance scenes pair almost perfectly with Kenny Loggins‘ hit song, “Footloose.” Over the course of this four-minute-long clip, a number of stunning dancers and their partners take center-stage and show off that old-school charm from one of Hollywood’s biggest eras.


In each of these scenes, the dancers take their skill to incredible heights! The ladies are often wearing high heels during their scenes and the men perform some of the wildest dance moves with unmatched precision.

With more than 13 classic Hollywood dance scenes set to the tune of “Footloose,” this has got to be one of the most eye-catching and impressive viral videos to-date!

Youtube / TheShanghaiLady1

Check out this truly one-of-a-kind videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.