Miley Cyrus Reveals How Dad Rescued Animals From Deadly Fire

Getty Images / Trae Patton / NBC

As one of the thousands of victims who lost everything in the Woolsey Fire, Miley Cyrus has some tear-jerking experiences she’s shared with folks in the short time since this horrible tragedy happened.

Cyrus, who lived in her Malibu home with fiance Liam Hemsworth, tweeted out shortly after she found out her home had been decimated by the natural disaster, saying she was “completely devastated by the fires affecting my community.”

While she was definitely one of the lucky ones, her estate was large and she needed help during the evacuations.

She and Hemsworth were trying to get everything taken care of in a time that was, at the very least, harrowing.

Since the fire, Cyrus and her fiance have been living in Nashville, but when trying to evacuate they were faced with a problem and didn’t know where to turn.

In a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, she reveals how her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, helped rescue her and Hemsworth in their time of need – and how incredible he was.

“This is making light of a very dark situation, but when we had to go to Los Angeles that day and Liam was a hero and put all of the animals in his truck,” Cyrus recalls. “He had to spray the pigs with the hose for them to go into crates because we had to be able to take them in the truck. So then we had seven dogs and pigs in L.A. and I was like, ‘What are we going to do with them?’.”

At the end of their wits, Cyrus reached out to her dad for advice on what to do with all of her animals in this very scary situation.

His response was incredible.

“My dad’s like, ‘Bring them over to my house and I’ll take care of them!” she told Seacrest. “He said they could sleep in his gym!”

The 26-year-old couldn’t believe that her folks would take in all of her many beloved animals and it really touched her heart.

What an amazing offer of kindness! We are so happy this worked out in such a wonderful way.

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