Miranda Lambert Delivers The Band’s “Ophelia” At 2016 Live Show

Kayla Merrill/Live Nation

Singing The Band’s unforgettable super hit from over 40 years ago,  this stunning country star shines bright over a massive Chicago crowd even though she told the crowd she was having a “rough night.”

During a 2016 concert at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Miranda Lambert showed off a few sides of her, including a couple of emotional moments, but this rocking performance of The Band’s 1975 song “Ophelia” definitely had people dancing!

Lambert’s sassy stage show started off with a bit of a hiccup when she flubbed the opening a tad and had to re-start, but she explained it was due to not practicing it during soundcheck and then picked up a tambourine to add some flair!

The song, which debuted as the first single from the Band’s sixth studio album, has come to be known as a truly classic piece of rock-and-roll history – and has been covered by a seemingly endless number of country singers!

Truth be told, this is likely one of the best covers we’ve heard of “Ophelia”!

Watch Miranda Lambert capture Chicago’s heart with this upbeat and spunky performance in the video below!