5 Times Alabama Tugged At Our Heartstrings


Music has the power to move people in incredible ways. For some, there is always that one song that they can listen to and still tear up every time.

One country group who knows how to tug at people’s heartstrings is Alabama. With over 30 number one hits, Alabama is one of the most influential groups in the history of country music. But one of their signature tunes, and arguably most emotional, was not one of their many chart-toppers.

Alabama is known as the voice behind the song “Angels Among Us,” which is one of those songs that has the power to move people years after it was originally released. But listening to them sing “Angels Among Us” wasn’t only time Alabama has made us cry.

Here is a list of five times that Alabama touched us so much that we couldn’t help but shed a tear or two.

1. When They Recorded A Song About Love Fading Away

Released as the first single off of their Greatest Hits Vol. III in 1994, “We Can’t Love Like This Anymore” was a Top Ten hit for Alabama in both the U.S. and Canada. The emotional song tells the story of two lovers who are slowly growing apart, and the narrator is watching it happen before his eyes.

Although the narrator is still willing to give their love a shot, he knows that they can’t keep things going the way they are. He makes a final plea to his lover, singing “Just say it’s over and at least I’ll know for sure/That we can’t love like this anymore.

The soft instrumental arrangement gives the song a vulnerable feeling, making it all the more tearjerking.

2. When They Expressed Their Faith

Although Alabama became known as country stars, they are also experts at singing gospel. In fact, the group released a gospel album in 2014 called Angels Among Us: Hymns and Gospel Favorites, and it included many beloved gospel tunes.

One gospel song that always manages to bring emotion out in people is “Old Rugged Cross,” which Alabama performed live in 2015. The crowd was moved by the moment, but so was lead singer Randy Owen, who had tears in his eyes as he sang.

Few things tug at our heartstrings more than watching our favorite artists express their faith through song, and this moment is no exception.

3. When They Recorded A Heartbreaking Song About Heartbreak

While “We Can’t Love Like This Anymore” was about a relationship grasping at its last straw, “Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today” is about a relationship that has already ended. Country music is known for its heartbreak songs, but this is one that really hits home for anyone who’s ever had to part ways with someone they loved.

The narrator speaks of how he used to play guitar for his girl Katy and how much she loved it. But their relationship had its rocky times, and it eventually got to the point that no serenade could fix it.

In a heartbreaking confession, the narrator reveals that Katy brought his guitar back that day, signifying the definite end of their relationship. Before you listen to this one, make sure you have some tissues close by.

4. When They Said “Goodbye” To Dale Earnhardt

After NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt passed away on February 18, 2001, the whole racing community was devastated. Everyone came together to honor Earnhardt’s life and legacy, including Alabama’s lead singer Randy Owen, who played a special role in the memorial service.

Earnhardt was laid to rest in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and a memorial service took place the next day on February 22. Standing in front of thousands of guests, Owen opened the service with an emotional tribute to Earnhardt through the form of Alabama’s song “Goodbye.”

It’s hard to control the tears when you watch and hear Owen sing the lines “Goodbye, goodbye, Till I see you again./Goodbye, goodbye, I’ll love and I’ll miss you./Till then, remember me, ’cause I care. The song has an emotional message all on its own, but in the context of Earnhardt’s memorial service it takes on an even deeper meaning.

5. When They Told Us There Are ‘Angels Among Us’

Although “Angels Among Us” is now known as one of Alabama’s signature songs, it didn’t even break into the Top 50 the first time it was released. But the song’s popularity has only increased over time, to the point that it is one of Alabama’s most recognizable songs.

The song’s lyrics talk about the everyday heroes in our lives who manage to come along and save us when we need them most. In times when we are feeling down, these angels on Earth come along and remind us that life is worth living. This is the sentiment echoed throughout the lyrics, such as the lines “But ain’t it kind of funny, at the dark end of the road/That someone lights the way, with just a single ray of hope.

“Angels Among Us” is far from a sad song. Rather, it’s a joyful song about how the kindness of a stranger can help turn your life around for the better. But the emotional power of the song is strong, which is why people continue to be touched by it and its message today.

There’s no denying it, Alabama is a talented group with the power to touch the hearts of all those who listen to their music.