Miranda Lambert Drops Jaws With Unexpected Beyonce Confession

Erika Goldring / Getty Images, Larry Busacca / Getty Images

In a newly recorded interview this country superstar reveals one of the most surprising confessions her fans have likely ever heard – and it involves someone who made their own surprising appearance on a country stage, too!

Beyonce has been a world-famous musician ever since her early days as a part of girl group, Destiny’s Child. Because of her talent and star-status, during this year’s CMA Awards, the Dixie Chicks invited her to perform one of her Texas music inspired songs, “Daddy Lessons”, as part of their set. It was during this collaboration that the country music community was buzzing about Beyonce’s appearance.

Now, as part of this new BuzzFeed interview, Miranda Lambert is making a confession nobody saw coming – and it involves Beyonce and making new music!

The video is shot as a series of questions from fans are asked of the singer, and she answers while playing with puppies to promote awareness for her MuttNation Foundation and encourage pet adoption. One fan wants to know who Lambert would choose to collaborate with outside the country music genre, and her answer was immediate.

“If I could collaborate with another artist, there’s a lot – but, I’m a huge fan of Beyonce,” Lambert said with a smile, adding, “Probably every girl’s answer would be Beyonce!”

Although Lambert just put out a brand new album, that doesn’t mean that she might not work on getting this collaboration dream set up for the future – and it won’t be Beyonce’s first foray into country, either! After the CMA performance, Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks released their own collaboration of “Daddy Lessons”.

What would you think about a collaboration between Miranda Lambert and Beyonce? Let us know in the comments and be sure to watch her full interview below.