Miranda Lambert Gets Personal In New Interview

CMT Cody

Unlike other country stars, Miranda Lambert rarely sits down to be interviewed. She has always maintained that her music does all the talking for her, which is why she doesn’t find interviews that necessary. But Lambert has made a couple of exceptions within recent days, first surprising fans when she was interviewed during The Bobby Bones Show.

Bones and Lambert covered a lot of ground during the nearly ten-minute interview. The two talked about everything from Lambert’s code names to how starstruck she gets when she sees Faith Hill.

“I haven’t bugged [her] for a picture, but every time that I’m around Faith Hill I turn into a complete idiot,” she said.”I don’t know why, but it’s Faith Hill. She’s just so pretty and awesome.

Based on her outfit, it looks like Lambert also stopped by to pay a visit to CMT’s Cody Alan that same day. Although Alan’s interview with Lambert won’t air until next week, he was kind enough to share a short preview video of what to expect.

In the video, Alan talks about how it can be hard to comprehend why your life takes certain turns. “Sometimes it’s weird how things connect and you don’t understand why,” he said. He then asked Lambert, “Do you have that happen to you a lot?

Lambert admitted that she does. She then went on to explain how she handles the curveballs that life can throw at you, saying how she comes out stronger in the end:

I feel like sometimes when you think everything’s sort of tilted on its side, then something else comes in and shows you the reason that might be happening, whether it’s a person or a situation…it sort of opens your mind because you’re not as guarded…when something shakes you up, you’re more open to other possibilities.”

That open-mindedness often leads to creativity, which was the case for Lambert when she crafted the songs for her album The Weight of These Wings. Each song carries Lambert’s personal touch, as she pours out her thoughts about various aspects of her life.

After hearing what Lambert had to say in the short clip that Alan shared, we can’t wait to hear the rest of her interview with him. In the meantime, all of you can enjoy the preview video below!