Miranda Lambert Reveals Truth Behind Oklahoma Boutique Closure

Nashville Lifestyles/Melanie Foster (Left), YouTube/NewsChannel 5 (Right)

The beloved country singer/songwriter gushed about plans that most people didn’t know about during a short press conference in Nashville this week.

Speaking during the CMA Music Festival, Miranda Lambert fielded questions from reporters about what she’s been doing the past few months, when new music will be coming out, and of course – her plans for the Pink Pistol boutique.

After suddenly closing her original store location in the small town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, she had stated that she was moving all the goods from that location to her store in Lindale, Texas – which is about a three-hour drive from Tishomingo.

In the press release detailing the closing of the original location, she danced around the idea of expanding the remaining store, but stopped short of revealing any definite plans.

During this interview, one reporter asked her what she was planning on doing with the Pink Pistol now that it had shuttered one of its locations.

“There’s this amazing complex going in with all these businesses and a stage,” Lambert responded. “It’s really really cool and progressive especially for a small East Texas town!”

Overall, she says, the massive size of the Pistol’s suite in the complex added to the need to shutter the Oklahoma location.

“It’s a way bigger space. The space is huge, so we thought ‘we need to combine [both locations]’,” she continued, adding that she has an entire warehouse full of eclectic finds that will soon be showcased in the new, much larger, Pink Pistol location.

She also state that the new storefront should be fully opened by the end of August 2016.

Watch Miranda Lambert’s full interview below!