Miranda Lambert & Steve Earle Break Hearts With Mournful Duet

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images (Left), Rick Diamond/Getty Images

This outlaw-country inspired track is sure to hit home for lots of people – and especially those who have gone through a rough breakup or two.

Debuting on country legend, Steve Earle‘s, newest record, this aching-heart duet brings in one of country music’s female leads for a pairing that is like nothing you’ve heard before. With Miranda Lambert dishing out the second side of the story on this anthem all about breakups, Earle has scored what’s sure to be another fan-favorite hit.


“This Is How It Ends” tells the story of a couple glancing back on memories of what was and how it all used to be before accepting the sorrowful end to their romance. The track comes hot off the press as Earle’s album was just released last year.


“Turn around and look at how far we’ve come / From two hearts beating like a single drum / Said you’d never lie and I promised I’d never run / Forever wasn’t just another word back then,” The two sing in crisp harmony.

Lambert has often covered many of Earle’s classics in various live performances and stage shows, and it’s clear that she’s been a big fan of his work, so this pairing of voices and talent is one that definitely struck an exciting new chord for her.


Check out this duet from Earle’s So You Wannabe an Outlaw album in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.