Darius Rucker Mashes Garth Brooks’ ‘Friends In Low Place’ With 90’s R&B Song

Darius Rucker Fandom/ Facebook

Mashing together two great songs of very different styles, Darius Rucker packed a soulful punch and had the audience begging for more!

Performing at the San Diego Country Fair in Del Mar, CA – Rucker took on an eager crowd. Feeling the positive energy, he ceased his performance to tell the audience of a great tune he holds near and dear to his heart.

Admitting his love for songs with catchy lyrics and melodies, the country star broke out into a lively performance of Garth Brooks’ mega-hit “Friends In Low Places”. The iconic sent the crowd into a thunderous applause and eager chants of excitement.

Rucker continued to the chorus before stopping in his tracks and admitting, “Now, that’s a great song! Somebody tell Garth Brooks to take me on tour, please!” After showcasing his admiration for Brooks, the instrumentals quickly shifted into a new tune that prompted the singer to say, “As great as that song is, this is a great song.

Breaking from the country mold, Rucker began to serenade his audience with an incredible cover of Blackstreet’s soulful hit “No Diggity”.

The crowd roared with excitement, chiming in with the singer as he belted, “Shorty get down, good lord/ Baby got ’em up open all over town/ Strictly biz, she don’t play around/ Cover much ground, got game by the pound.”

Fans were floored, craving more of the singer’s exceptional talent and versatile vocals. You can watch the full surprise below!