Mississippi Construction Worker Delivers Baby On The Interstate

MDOT / Facebook

In the early hours of Monday morning, February 24th, 2020, a superintendent for the Mississippi Department of Transportation was preparing a lane on Interstate 20 near exit #59 when he was pulled from his duties by a woman giving birth.

As MDOT Superintendent II Wayne Evans told WREG Mephis Newschannel 3, he was closing the lane when a car pulled up behind him with its hazard lights on. Two women then approached him in a “frantic” manner and explained that there was another woman in the car who was going into labor.

Knowing they wouldn’t be able to make it all the way to the hospital, Evans leaped into action – citing his previous time in the Marine Corps as part of the reason he was able to help.

“It’s something I never thought would happen.”

He said that while he didn’t train to deliver babies during his time in service, he was able to command the situation and keep everyone calm and keep things contained so that the woman could give birth and medics could arrive.

According to MDOT the child is doing just fine.

Listen to Wayne Evans recall his heroic moment on the side of Interstate 20 in the video below!