Miranda Lambert’s Husband Brendan Shows Off His Physique In Poolside Photo

Miranda Lambert / Instagram

Miranda Lambert is currently traveling across the country on her Wildcard Tour. Her next round of shows are set to take place in California, inducing stops in Fresno, San Jose, and Sacramento.

Prior to that, Lambert performed in Anaheim, San Diego, and Ontario. 

Early in the tour, Lambert had to reschedule a couple of shows due to illness. She played one of those rescheduled shows on Tuesday (February 25) in Salt Lake City before traveling back to California.

It appears at some point on their journey through California, Lambert and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, made a pit stop in Palm Springs for a little rest and relaxation. 

Lambert has made it clear how infatuated she is with her husband of one year. She often posts videos and photos that show off his toned physique, and gushes about how handsome she thinks he is.


Lambert posted another shirtless photo of McLoughlin enjoying the warm sun in Palm Springs. The poolside snapshot shows McLoughlin smiling at the camera while wearing cupcake patterned swim shorts.

I’ve never wanted a cupcake more!” Lambert wrote on top of the image. She also wrote, “For your viewing pleasure on this Tuesday evening.”

Lambert posted the photo on her Instagram Story, and we’ve included it for you to see below.

Miranda Lambert / Instagram

McLoughlin is looking good!

Lambert’s current tour is titled after her latest album, Wildcard. She says the record was directly influenced by her new relationship with McLoughlin and the time they have spent together in New York City, where he is from.

You can hear the NYC influence throughout the album, but “Locomotive” is the song that best embodies it. She even mentions McLoughlin directly in a line about him making fried chicken.

Give “Locomotive” a listen in the clip below.