Mom Didn’t Realize Son Stuck Fish In Mouth While Taking Photo Of Her Kids

photo credit: Marika Daniels

If you got kids you know you have to watch them at all times because you can turn your back for just one second and the next thing you know they got something in their mouth.


Well, this was literally the case for one mom taking her kids to a children’s museum in South Dakota that had a fishing pond. Marika Daniels, mother of the three boys in the picture was trying to get the attention of her two older sons to take a picture.

With her focus on the two older boys, she didn’t realize that her youngest son, Landon, had stuck the fish he caught in his mouth the second she takes the picture.


“When I took the picture, I honestly didn’t realize Landon put the fish in his mouth because I was trying to get the attention of the two older ones to look at my camera,” said Marika. “I didn’t realize the type of picture I took until I looked at my pictures later.”

Marika said “I just kind of chuckled and shook my head and thought, ‘Oh Landon.’” She posted the picture on Facebook and it instantly went viral. She says she’s humbled at how many “likes, shares, smiles and laughs this picture has brought to so many people already.”

The whole thing is just adorable. Sadly only a picture was taken of this moment and not a video but below we do have a video of kids seeing fish for the first time that is pretty entertaining.