Pissed-Off Cockatoo Rips Up Bird Spikes & Throws Them

Facebook / Isaac Sherring Tito

One wild cockatoo had his way with a series of anti-bird spikes and let’s just say that it appears these particular anti-bird spikes aren’t worth the money.

A pedestrian by the name of Isaac Sherring-Tito was strolling down the lane of shops in New South Wales, Australia when he heard a clanging sound and looked up to see a white cockatoo tearing a series of anti-bird spikes off of its newly-claimed perch.

Facebook / Isaac Sherring-Tito

Making quick work of these strips was just the first step in this bird’s fight against authority. Cockatoos, which are native to Australia, likely have been deterred from nesting by these exact spike strips – but this bird was one of the smarter ones and took the turf war to a whole new level.

Facebook / Isaac Sherring-Tito

This crafty vandal proceeds to rip each set of spikes off of the wall ledge and then throws them down onto the street (and pedestrians) below. Luckily, people could tell something was happening because Sherring-Tito was filming and many avoided falling victim to this cockatoo’s rage over spike strips.

Watch this crazy (and hysterical) video below!