Moose Shakes Its Antlers Off On Alaskan Doorbell Camera

@akfattruck / TikTok

One of the most interesting things about the animal species called cervid, which includes deer, elk, and moose, is that after they spend all year growing their antlers, they fall off each and every year.

Hunters usually find them laying around in the woods but in rare cases, their trail cameras catch the animal shaking them off. However, there is an even rarer case where someone’s home security camera catches the shake-off moment on film and were about to show you a video of just that.

Alaskan resident and TikToker “AK Fat Truck” shared a video on his social media showing the moment a massive moose walked in front of his brother and sisters-in-law’s doorbell security camera and shook its antlers off.

The footage showed the moose walking into view before it stopped and started aggressively shaking its head until both antlers fell off at the same time. The moment its antlers detached and fell to the ground, it spooked the moose and he took off running away from them.

Since the video was posted to TikTok, it has received more than 17.3 million views. Watch the video below and then continue reading to hear more about the story and see more videos.

@akfattruck Check this moose shedding antlers on camera at my brother and sister in law house! #fyp #viral #moose #wildlife #video #alaska #animals #epic #adventure #wildlifelover #deer #moosehunt ♬ original sound – AK Fat Truck

“Bro, we gotta see the sheds, I’m begging you,” one fan wrote in the comments of the video.

Because the video got so much attention, many people were asking to see the antlers, so another video was shared showing his brother going outside and grabbing the antlers, and holding them up to the doorbell security camera.

@akfattruck Replying to @heatherlynnoh here is the antlers after @chancebogert ♬ original sound – AK Fat Truck

That video got more than 3.4 million views so they decided to make another video showing the antlers stretched out across the kitchen floor. They measured how many inches it was in width and it was a total of 50 inches, which he said was “a trophy moose.”

Watch The 3rd & Final Video Below