Morgan Wallen Calls Out Former Managers & Record Label For Releasing Old Music Without His Consent

Morgan Wallen / Instagram

Morgan Wallen is taking a stand.

In an Instagram post made on Thursday, January 25, Wallen shared two images with the first one reading, “An important update please read.”

An image of text that says 'an important Update please please read'
Morgan Wallen / Facebook

His caption began explaining that he was actually on a duck hunting trip, but the news he was about to share was so important, he had to share with his fans.

Wallen rewound the clocks and told a story of when he went to Florida in 2014 to try his hand at recording original music.

“This led to a recording deal with a local investor & an artist management deal that I deeply regret. Unfortunately, I signed both deals without any legal representation,” he wrote.

During these recording and writing sessions, Wallen says he and other collaborators recorded 13 songs in total. The “Thought You Should Know” singer explained that “most were terrible” and not up to his standards.

He and the team “deemed 5 worthy-enough” to create his debut EP, Stand Alone. On it includes the fan-favorite song “Spin You Around,” which has been streamed 20 million times on Spotify alone.

Eventually, Wallen parted ways with the label and manager and signed with Big Loud Records.

“Tonight, those colleagues I parted ways with almost 10 years ago plan to release a “10th Anniversary” edition of Stand Alone against my wishes & include 8 unreleased songs, distributing it with the assistance of my former managers,” he wrote.

Wallen explained that he been trying for months to block their release to no avail.

“It’s gross, greedy & an example of how the dark side of the music business can suck the soul out of artists,” he says.

Continuing, Wallen writes, “I want you to know this is NOT my new music & I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. I cringe when I listen to these songs & I’m concerned my fans may mistakenly believe this is a new release by me.”

Wallen said he will begin recording his next project in February, and he is excited for us all to hear what he has been cooking up.

In response to the 10th Anniversary release against his wishes, Wallen re-recorded  “Spin You Around,” which he will stylize as “Spin You Around 1/24” and will release it at the same time.

In addition, he donated $100,000 from his Morgan Wallen Foundation to the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals For The Arts, in hopes that his story will help artists learn from his mistakes.

“They should never have to give up their creative freedoms for an opportunity in this business, “he wrote.

The record label he used to be signed to, and released the Stand Alone EP with, is Panacea Records, based out of Miami, Florida. Their website boasts him as a client, and all his success with Stand Alone and “Spin You Around.”

See his full statement below.