Morgan Wallen Reveals Reason He Shaved His Head

Morgan Wallen/YouTube

Morgan Wallen shocked his fans over the weekend when he took the stage with a shaved head.

Morgan Wallen has long sported facial hair and a mullet, a look that became his signature when his career took off. So fans at the Columbus, Ohio, stop of his One Night At A Time Tour Friday night (August 11) were blown away when Wallen walked out on stage wearing a baseball cap that made it obvious that his head was clean shaven.

Addressing the proverbial elephant in the room, Wallen revealed the reason he shaved his head.

“Before we get any further, I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” he told the crowd before launching into another song.

Wallen has otherwise remained quiet about his drastic hair change, except for one sneaky reference in his Instagram story. In the story he posted a clip of himself walking to the stage moments before debuting his newly bald head. Small text over the photo reads, “Right before everybody apparently starting thinking I’m staying clean shaven forever lol.”

Morgan Wallen backstage with clean shaven head.
Morgan Wallen/Instagram

Fan reaction to Morgan Wallen’s bald head was overwhelmingly negative with many claiming to shed tears over the departure of his signature mullet. Those fans will be glad to know that he doesn’t plan to stay bald, per his IG story.

Morgan Wallen has sported a variety of haircuts and styles over the years.

In 2014, Morgan appeared on the sixth season of The Voice where he auditioned with Florida Georgia Line’s “Stay.” He appeared clean-shaven but with shoulder-length hair at the time.


A few years later, when he released his debut single, “The Way I Talk,” fans saw a drastic change as he donned long straight hair during a live performance video before going clean-cut and preppy a few months later for the official music video.

Morgan Wallen with long straight hair and a short cut.
Morgan Wallen/YouTube

By the time Morgan released “Chasin’ You” and “Whiskey Glasses” in 2019, he was sporting a full mullet. The singer has been credited with making the mullet popular again among country music fans. He was among the first to bring the ‘do back decades after other country artists rocked it in the ’80s and ’90s. Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Billy Ray Cyrus, Travis Tritt, Joe Diffie and more proudly wore mullets in their heydey.

Check out a video of Morgan Wallen’s best mullet look below.