Morgan Wallen Gets Drink Thrown On Him During Show – Kicks Out Fan Who Did It

chloedonovan / TikTok, The Country Jukebox / YouTube

Morgan Wallen recently kicked off his One Night At A Time World Tour down under!


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His highly anticipated tour started on March 15 in Auckland, New Zealand and continued on March 21st and 24th in Sydney, Australia and Melbourne, Australia, respectively.


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After those two shows, Wallen is coming back state side to kick off his large US leg of the tour, beginning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 15th.

Well, during his Melbourne show, he was singing a song off his new album titled “Everything I Loved” when a fan threw a drink on him. He shot the concert-goer a look and continued singing. Once the song was over, though, he addressed the situation.

Wallen got right in front of the group where it happened. He looked at the group in the crowd and it seemed he was going to let it go, but the crowd started chanting “Kick them out!”

He walked back to them and said, “Go ahead, one of y’all own up to it or I’m gonna throw your whole f–king group out!”

Someone owned up to it and Wallen had them escorted out of the concert. Fans got the entire incident on camera and posted it to social media sites, where lots of other fans say they couldn’t imagine paying that kind of money to behave so badly, and be kicked out! His tickets were going for a pretty penny.

Watch the drink get thrown on him below.

@chloedonovan Who threw there drink at this gorgeous man🥹#morganwallen#kickedout#angry ♬ original sound – ChloeDonovan

And watch him kick out the fan: