Mother Of Clint Eastwood’s Daughter, Kimber, Has Died

Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Roxanne Tunis, former mistress of Clint Eastwood, has passed away at the age of 93.

Tunis and Eastwood have one daughter together, Kimber, who came about during a 14-year affair between the two lovers.

The actress and dancer died this June (2023) according to Kimber who stated “My mom passed after a brief illness” in a statement to RadarOnline. Kimber also told the outlet that Eastwood was very upset by the news and sent his condolences to her and her son, Clint’s grandson. “He is just as sad as I am,” Kimber stated.

An inside source said the star was “devastated by the loss and for his daughter Kimber.”

Eastwood met Tunis on the set of the TV show Rawhide in 1959.

Though they met in 1959, Clint’s relationship with Tunis didn’t start until 1964 during his marriage to his first wife, Maggie Johnson, who he had two children with.

The affair led to a temporary split between Eastwood and his wife, Maggie, but they later reconciled. Despite seemingly making amends with his wife, the scandalous romance lasted 14 years and Tunis even had a role in Clint’s comedy movie, Every Which Way But Loose, in 1978.

People started catching wind of the extramarital romance in 1964 when Clint’s full name, Clinton Eastwood Jr, was published on Kimber’s birth certificate.

Eastwood permanently parted ways with Johnson in 1984 after 34 years of marriage.

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Clint and Roxanne didn’t even try to hide their relationship.

It’s been said that “Roxanne worshipped the ground [Clint] walked on” and she  “didn’t give a d*** about the fact that Clint was a star. She was never impressed with all the money and fame. All she ever wanted was to have and to hold Clint Eastwood the man.”

A veteran to the TV industry told RadarOnline that Eastwood and Tunis did very little to hide their relationship.

“On the set, they were very open about the fact they were lovers. After Clint would finish a scene, he’d amble over to Roxanne and stroll around the set with his arm affectionately around her. She was usually in his dressing room trailer. With his influence, he had her elevated from extra girl to being a bit player.”

Clint Eastwood was only married twice, but has at least eight children with six different women during overlapping relationships. Although Eastwood had many different lovers, an insider confirmed with RadarOnline that Tunis was the longest.

Tunis had been married before to Jack Watson Scheck Jr, and Eastwood married Dina Eastwood in 1996 two years after Kimber was born.

An anonymous person said that Tunis “was one of Clint’s true loves,” and shared, “ He maintained a healthy relationship with Roxanne until the end.”