Katelyn Brown Reveals Kane’s Cute Nickname For Her

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In a new information drop that has left hearts melting, country star Katelyn Brown recently spilled the beans on a charming nickname given to her by none other than her superstar husband and musical partner, Kane Brown.

The nickname was unveiled during a candid Q&A session on Katelyn’s Instagram stories. As the stories unfolded, Katelyn openly engaged with her eager fans who had a lot of inquiries that ranged from the couple’s tattoos to their tales from going on tour.

Though one particular question managed to shine a spotlight on the couple’s intimate connection and while responding to one of the questions, Katelyn casually slipped in the nickname that Kane Brown calls her.


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Kane’s Sweet Secret Nickname For His Wife

Before you hear the nickname, we want to say that while she was being quizzed about the number of tattoos etched onto her body, Katelyn said that she has a total of 10 tattoos. Among the tattoos, are the names of her husband and their two daughters.

She also has a butterfly, a cross, a moon, and a musical Treble clef that have special meaning to her as well. Yet, nestled within her diverse number of tattoos, there’s a seemingly innocuous word that carried a sentimental meaning only she could unveil.

With a twinkle in her eye and a sprinkle of laughter, Katelyn confessed on her Instagram stories about a tattoo that says, “Puddin,” and extended a light-hearted plea to her followers, “Don’t judge.” 

Katelyn Brown speaking in one of her Instagram Stories.
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As Katelyn continued to do the Q&A on Instagram, another question emerged from one of her Instagram followers.“What does ‘puddin’ mean?” the curious person asked her.

“It’s my nickname from Kane,” Katelyn clarified to the person asking the question. With those few words, the curtain was drawn back ever so slightly, revealing a glimpse of the couple’s cherished intimacy.


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The discovery of the name “Puddin” has only further made fans love the inspiring connection that Katelyn and Kane Brown share. This tattoo has added another layer of sweetness to their love story, a love story that continues to unfold both on stage and off.

As they embark on musical journeys and bring their young daughters along, the bond between Kane and Katelyn remains as strong and heartwarming as ever. The story of “Puddin” and the new things we find out about them never fails to tug at our heartstrings.

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