NASCAR Driver Stops To Help Cancer Patient In Car Crash

Not only is he a talented racing star, but he’s also a great person and a good samaritan – as proved by his recent actions to help someone many others refused to.

As reported by Fox Sports and 23ABC News, well-known NASCAR racing pro, Kevin Harvick stopped to assist a car in need after (what sounds like) a nasty car accident – but he was left with an uneasy feeling when it was all over.

Used to the crashes and hard hits on the asphalt of a 200 mph track, Harvick watched a car wreck unfold before his eyes and immediately took action to help the people involved.

In a post on Twitter, Harvick explains that while he and the passengers – which included a little girl on her way to her Leukemia treatment – waited for emergency personnel to arrive, he noticed dozens of cars pass by without stopping or checking in on anyone involved.

It was that observation that left him feeling upset about the lack of humanity he witnessed.

“What happened to the days when everyone actually gave a sh*t about each other???” He writes. “Want to make a difference? Start thinking about someone besides yourself and help someone today.”

It’s great to hear that Harvick is the kind of stand-up gentleman that will help out someone in need, and his call to action for others hopefully will inspire those who would normally not stop, to think about others in need the next time.

Read his full post below and let us know what you think about his statements below!