New Dad Tyler Hubbard Drinks Wife’s Breast Milk & Goes Back For More


One half of country duo, Florida Georgia Line, this new father is sharing some very personal and intimate moments with fans on social media – all with help of wife, Hayley.

Tyler Hubbard and Hayley welcomed their first daughter, Olivia Rose, into the world on December 23rd, 2017 and have been completely smitten with their life as new parents since. Both parents are avid social media users, and as such – have shared many of their special moments as a family with fans.

In a new video shared on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) the two posted one of the most peculiar and intimate moments yet – where Tyler is drinking Hayley’s breast milk…and going back for more.

Donning an ear-to-ear grin, Tyler gets ready to have his first taste of his wife’s breast milk and you can hear her let out a gasp from behind the camera. Nursing on the bottle, he takes a healthy drink of the milk before explaining how it tasted.

“It tastes like almond milk, kinda,” Tyler said with a giggle, going back for more. “It’s sweet!”

The video was first shared by wife Hayley on Instagram with the caption, “When your husband takes trying your breast milk to a whole new level #breastmilk #doesthebodygood #livinourbreastlife #tasteslikealmondmilk.” 

Hubbard also shared the video to his social media accounts, saying “Livin my breast life.”

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think!