New Song ‘Hang’ Paints A Perfect Portrait Of Every Country Boy’s Dream

Noam Galai / WireImage / Getty Images

When Trace Adkins released his new album Something’s Going On, fans knew they could expect a fine collection of songs. Adkins certainly met expectations when it came to the 12 tracks on the album, which closes with a picturesque song titled “Hang.”

Written by Lynn Hutton and Phil O’Donnell, “Hang” paints a picture of every country boy’s dream come true. The song opens with Adkins singing about a walk through the country with the woman he loves, as he describes the scene around them, “Blackberries are ripe on Taylor Ridge. I’ll pick you a daisy on the way.”

As the song moves on, Adkins continues to detail the spectacular nature of the night. He sings about finding a place to get lost so he and his love can go on to “be one with the stars in the dark, and hang.”

The lyrical beauty of “Hang” is what drew Adkins to it right from the go. He describes his draw to the song during his Story Behind the Song series on YouTube.

It’s just so graphic, and I just love it,” he said. “I fell in love with the song first time I heard it.

The descriptiveness of “Hang” is what won Adkins over, since the picture it portrays is so detailed. He mentioned the “poetic” nature of the song, and how it allows the listener to perfectly visualize everything described within its words.

‘Hang’ I think to me is the most poetic song on this album,” he said. “And it’s just so visual, you can see. I love songs that do that. I love songs that paint portraits and you can see the landscape, you can see, you can just see. You don’t need the video for this song.

Now it’s time for you to see and feel exactly what Adkins is describing by listening to the audio for “Hang” below. That’s just a taste of what you’ll get the chance to hear if you download Adkins’ new album, Something’s Going On!

In addition to “Hang,” Something’s Going On features tracks such as “Lit,” “Jesus and Jones,” “Still a Soldier,” and Adkins’ current single, “Watered Down.” If you’d like to hear these songs and many more, you can download a copy of  Something’s Going On by clicking right here!