New Study Shows People Who Drink Half A Pint Of Beer A Day Live Longer Than Those Who Don’t

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Well, here’s some news many of you beer drinkers may be happy to hear about. According to a new study reported by The Sun, people who drink a half a pint of beer each day have an 81 percent chance of living into their 90s as opposed to people who don’t drink.–syo2V9fs2fw7qpi1tKLFvcmNriwAdyFnGsQ4pYZWGOzklTk3vj3sL19N4OLyeFVonoUUYLjgUYxqpGDt7go_GegFPOfqqvQ&theater

Maastricht University in Holland did a study and examined 5,500 people who drank beer over the past two decades and the lead researcher Professor Dr. Piet said, “Our analyses show significantly positive associations between alcohol and longevity in men and women.”

The study suggested that women who drank the two pints of beer per day increased their chances of living into their tenth decade by one third. While men who drank three shooters of whiskey (also known as airplane bottles) per day, doubled the recommended NHS maximum and are two thirds more likely to outlive abstainers.

The study was done to prove that drinking in small amounts is actually good for your heart health. However, exceeding more than that amount every day can be toxic to the body. Even though this theory appears to be true, the researchers say it does not mean it should motivate non-drinkers to start drinking.

Not everyone agrees with the study, however. Sir Ian Gilmore, from Alcohol Health Alliance UK said, “There is no evidence to suggest non-drinkers should start for the good of their health.” And Professor Dame Sally Davies, a former Chief Medical Officer said that even one pint a week increases the risk of cancer.

Even so, the NHS guidelines recommend if you are going to drink and desire to stay healthy then you should not exceed more than six pints of beer or six glasses of wine per week.