New “Yellowstone” Prequel May Be In The Works: Here’s What We Know So Far

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The Yellowstone universe may be expanding with the addition of another prequel series.

The first Yellowstone prequel series, 1883, was released in 2021. It starred Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Isabel May, and LaMonica Garrett. The show followed the early Duttons’ journey across the American West to their eventual home in Montana.


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The second Yellowstone prequel series, 1923, was released in 2022. The show stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton. Jacob, the brother of 1883‘s James, is now in charge of the ranch, and his family struggles to hold on to their land.


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Following the success of 1883 and 1923, it only makes sense to continue the Duttons’ story with an another prequel or two. There have been past whispers about additional series. Now, it seems at least one new show may be coming to fruition.

Paramount Network officials recently gathered at a community event in Hamilton, Montana to discuss how the Yellowstone shows have economically benefited the state.

Tom Prince, the executive vice president of production at 101 Studios, spoke during the event. 101 Studios works with Paramount to produce Yellowstone.

Ravalli Republic reports Prince revealed some details about a new Yellowstone prequel, including its title and potential filming location:

“Of course, we’ve got 1923, we’ve got the sequel, we’re not letting the cat out of the bag, it’s going to be called ‘1944,’” Prince said. “My guess is that it’ll be shooting largely in the Bitterroot Valley because it has to take place at what is Chief Joseph Ranch.”

Chief Joseph Ranch is the real-life ranch that serves as the setting for the Duttons’ Yellowstone ranch.

Prince said 1944 is currently in development. He did not share any casting news or a potential release date.

We may need to wait awhile before we see 1944. It was recently announced that 1923 is getting a second season. Showrunners would likely want to finish 1923‘s story before continuing a new one in 1944. If the two series ran at the same time, they could potentially spoil each other.

But that’s all speculation on our part. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Yellowstone team has in store with this potential new series!

In the meantime, head below to learn more about 1923, which is still releasing new episodes on Paramount+.