Nickelback Covers ‘Friends In Low Places’ At 2010 Concert

Ellen Show / YouTube, Slava Lucky / YouTube

Even though they’ve managed a string of Top 10 hits and multiple Platinum albums, Nickelback somehow remains one of the most despised bands to hit the radio waves. So why the animosity towards the band who Billboard named as the most successful rock group of the early 2000s?

Whatever the reason behind the public’s disdain for Nickelback, one fact remains. They can put on a good show. At a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah back in 2010, Nickelback took a crack at Garth Brooks‘ “Friends In Low Places”, and boy did they deliver.

“It’s starting to feel like a Honky Tonk in here!” exclaimed lead vocalist, Chad Kroeger”. “The [song] that always gets played in dive bars and Honky Tonks and s**t like that, is this song.”

Kroeger backed by his fellow bandmates then rolled into a mind-blowing cover of “Friends In Low Places”. Donning a Brooks-like southern accent for his rendition of the country song, the Canadian singer flawlessly executed his delivery of the riotous lyrics in a display of pure musical talent and showmanship.

You can watch their rendition of “Friends In Low Places” in the video below!